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Dhara Purohit

It is about experiences during adventures that demands you to embrace your imperfections and your vulnerabilities.
It is about transcending with compassion and patience before you reach the goal and become one more inspiring story for the world to admire.
It is about exploring who you are in the ‘now’ and being still.
It is about aspiring without attachments, living life to the fullest anchored in equanimity.
Hope you have a glimpse into the above through the writings that I share here. And, may you embrace the grace of wisdom with every breath you take.

Leorith Elijah Murli

“Dhara and I have been friends for more than 2 decades now. A talented girl she has been since school days be it academics or curriculums. When she started writing some 9-10 yrs ago I’ve always loved her writing style hence I asked her to write for the 26/11 Memorial and the upcoming museum brochure. Usually people don’t read brochure content but I have received a lot of good reviews saying the words touched their heart.While working with her I found her very professional and thorough with her approach. Within 3 days of visiting the museum and briefing she finished writing a 24 page brochure and brought out the story so beautifully. Thank you, Dhara”

Leorith Elijah Murli
CEO Nariman Lighthouse.

Neerja Prabhu

Writing comes naturally to Dhara. And when I write this, I literally mean it. she connects to the source beyond and then what flows through her on paper is sheer divine light in form of words and sentences. Her articulation and writing is so beyond amazing that the matter feels rich and full of wisdom. she has helped me with writing notes for my workshops, classes, journals and much more.

When it comes to workshops and notes, where the language needed is more simplified than articulated, she sees to it that it is done that way. In simple words, let her know what you require and what’s on your mind with respect to the final product and she will deliver it appropriately. A dear friend, a sincere person, wonderful at heart, sharp mind and professional when it comes to work… a lovely combination.”

Leorith Elijah Murli
Founder of HolisticWellness & MysticAngelWhispers
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