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Dhara Purohit John is an author, podcaster, content designer for psychologists and therapists, aiming to translate wisdom into words. Before her writing career, she was a practising environmental architect for ten years.

Dhara’s professional career began at the age of 16 by doing promotions for consumable products in Mumbai. This experience gave her a glimpse into everyone’s daily city grind and struggles, be it for the commoner or the elite.

In 2007, she graduated as an architect. Dhara pursued environmental designing as a qualified Indian Green Building Council- Accredited Professional working for a decade to make a difference through structures and earth-friendly models.

Dissatisfied with the system, she decided to be an e-entrepreneur. This journey made her realise her strengths, weakness and vulnerabilities while giving a platform to be a global trainer working alongside corporate trainers, ex-CEOs, shipping managers, policy designers, educationists who were also incidentally environmentalists at heart.

To contribute more meaningfully and develop a better response to environmental destruction, inequality, and social consequences of rapid technological change, she decided to be a part of a meditation retreat. The retreat needed discipline, silence and no connection with the outside world for consecutive ten days. This retreat was the turning point in her life.

Across four years, she has spent 850 hours in silence and reflection under established teachers’ guidance. 1000+ hours of meditative practice have empowered her to live more authentically, tap into the cosmic wisdom and share it with the world. Her writings reflect the profound insights encountered through her experiences by working across three industries. Her blog, ‘The Quest’ inspires the reader to take the inner journey of transformation.

As an influential speaker and a powerhouse storyteller, she collaborates with corporate trainers, psychologists and therapists to develop processes to help people reflect and re-wire for mindful living.


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