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Decode Your Quest (Paperback)


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In the environmental mayhem of the 21st century, Suprita was born with innate abilities to decode the complex patterns of the wisdom of the forest, a prodigy, a hope, and an answer to curb deforestation and rampant commercial activities. But, tonight, at the age of 35, she was making headlines on every prestigious forum for her exemplary intelligence as the finest ethical hacker and mastermind in the digital forensics industry. What made her abandon her quest?

The crux of life is impermanence, a truth often overlooked and taken for granted. In less than a week post her grand felicitation, Suprita’s world turns topsy-turvy. Held up in a foreign country with nowhere to go, the only way out is by tapping into her innate abilities and anchoring into the wisdom of nature. While choices govern destiny, grace has the power to change its course. Her choices led her to his whirlpool of chaos. But will this mayhem help her connect back with her quest?

A spiritual journey often disguises itself in absolute unrest. Read ‘Decode Your Quest’ and treat yourself with an adventure of discovery where the answers lie in the places most unexpected!


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