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Failure as an expression of shared grief

Today, I would like to share about shared grief.

In many coaching sessions, as a facilitator of Intergenerational Trauma Coach and an Intuitive Energy Reader, I have witnessed failure as an expression of shared grief.

It is truly fascinating to see how our mind and emotions are so deeply layered, governing the choices we make without our conscious mind having an idea about the same.

“I will go through the loss in my own way, so that you don’t have to suffer alone.”

This is a strong subconscious choice that often surfaces up when you witness your loved ones suffering.

If your parents, siblings or any of your loved ones with whom you have a strong bond have suffered a great loss, you subconsciously choose to fail in your endeavours. This could express itself as a child failing in his exams, a downfall in a thriving business, some kind of financial loss or even a job loss. Painful relationships where you end up with toxic people.

At the apparent level it may feel like a sudden random turn of events, but when you choose to look at it from a metaphysical lens, it will reveal to you the cause.

A cause is followed by an action, a choice followed by a consequence. But since these are extremely subtle and drowned in an ocean of emotions, it is impossible to reach the cause.

Through a still and a calm mind, you can reach your subconscious choices. Another way is to see through the field of knowingness. This is equally powerful and paves a path for transformation.

May you receive grace to transcend grief with wisdom.


Happiness & Healing,

Dhara Purohit John


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Let us together witness the unfolding of your subconscious choices and embrace a breakthrough that is awaiting you!

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I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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