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5 things I learned from this little powerful book, ‘Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It’, by Kamal Ravikant

Loving yourself is a beautiful and a very important aspect of our life. Most of the times, we are so critical of our self that it is difficult to accept our own imperfections, just the way they are.

I believe, these imperfections are illusions of the mind, a veil created by our ego which is an outcome of layers and conditioning of eons.

Perfection, on the other hand, is nothing but a measure of human potential in that given moment. Unless one reaches a state where the ultimate purification of mind is achieved, there will always be ‘if’, ‘but’, ‘maybe’ whenever you sit back to reflect.

So, why be critical about something when its actual nature is impermanent and fragile. 

The parameters on which we gauge our self-are so incomplete. The truth can only be encountered in that ‘moment’ . Although universal in nature but that truth is for the one who experiences it.

We need to understand and acknowledge this fact that the emotion of ‘Love’ is all inclusive by nature. It includes everything and everyone; the dark and the light, the perfect and the imperfect, the good and the bad. It does not distinguish, it just accepts all and ‘And As It Is’. And, by loving yourself, you step forward on to this journey of complete acceptance.

One such beautiful book that really puts across this thought along with practical tips that you can use on everyday basis is ‘Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It’ by Kamal Ravikant.

This book is my personal favourite for its simplicity and practical guidance to get you started on this path of ‘Loving Yourself’. I would love to share here 5 most amazing learnings that I take back from this book.

1. STRUGGLE REINFORCES PAIN:  Painful memories are like quicksand. If you try to fight it or push it away, you are just going to get deeper into it. Hence, it is important to be equanimous and shift to ‘Love’.  Re-wire your mind for love rather than for pain or struggle.

2. MIND IS RECENCY-BIASED: Change is the only constant thing. The mind is rooted in recency bias. So, whenever things are working out, you feel great and often give up on the self-work, thinking that this is going to be permanent. And similarly, when they are terrible, you begin to feel that this too is going to remain forever.

3.VULNERABILITY IS A STRENGTH:  Vulnerability is often perceived as a weakness and the consequence of such a belief is that we do not live authentically. We often fail to acknowledge our true emotions, let alone expressing it to someone. And in this process of suppression, we keep on feeding the volcanos of unhealthy feelings within us, only to allow them to erupt one fine day. This causes more damage and can even shatter you gravely. It is time to change this perception and belief towards, ‘vulnerability’. It is simply allowing yourself to feel the way you do without any prejudices or judgments and at the same time embracing yourself with utmost compassion for being who you are.

4.OBSESSION FUELS INNOVATION, BUT QUITE OFTEN BEHIND OBSESSION LIES FEAR:  At the apparent level, obsession can be seen as an asset, because it drives you towards your goal, pushes you out of your comfort zone and eventually takes you towards achieving your goals. But, the most important things is the foundation on which you build things. Foundation of your actions lies in your feelings. And obsession is driven by fear. Nothing wrong about feeling fearful, but when it becomes the foundation on which you rest your future, you are surely in for a downfall. Build yourself on the foundation of love and compassion, because then you will flourish and help others flourish too. You will never walk alone and reach miles.

5.BELIEF IS THE FILTER TO VIEW THE WORLD:  You look at the world and the things around it through the lens of your perception. Your perception is an echo of conditioning that you have imbibed across lifetimes. So, when belief is your filter with which you view the world, it is important to examine what beliefs do you carry within. Belief is thus, a double-edged sword for what you believe in, is what you will perceive.

So, clear your lens, and embrace yourself for who you are. Fill yourself up with love and spread some compassion around. Change this lens of perception to the lens of truth. And this journey begins with ‘loving yourself unconditionally’. 

Go out there and grab your copy of this wonderful book and get yourself  started on this journey where you wear your lens of truth making your world and the world around a magnificent place to live in.

Thank you Kamal Ravikant for sharing your story. In reading about your acts of courage, I could acknowledge mine.

(P.S: This is blog is not an affiliate to any links shared. The links shared only connects you to the platform where you could buy the book if you wish to read it. This is my way to of expressing my gratitude to the authors who have touched my life in a beautiful way)


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