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Grow wherever you are planted – Life Hack #2

Sometimes I wonder what really holds me back from being my best. Have you ever felt this before? Then maybe this piece of writing shall assist you in seeing something crucial that you seem to be ignoring. 

At the apparent level, everything just seems to be fine, but there is a volcano of emotions running deep inside of me. Yes, I truly feel blessed for where I am today and all that I have in my life. But, fear does surround me and so does doubt, whether ‘Am I good enough’ and this often stops me from living out my blessings every single day.

I guess, to feel blessed is one thing and to live them is another. You can live your blessings when you take responsibility for your choices and yet be compassionate to yourself by discovering every consequence of it. Sometimes the consequences could be pleasant and some other times, they are just not in alignment with who you are. But to accept both of these in equal balance and yet be in harmony with yourself, is when you are truly living your blessing.

So, firstly stop beating yourself for the things that are not in alignment and instead accept them with equal grace. Eventually, it is all about growing wherever you are planted.

 With this, I am going to share my Life Hack#2….  which is Grow wherever you are planted 

I would like to call myself a POLYMATH. A polymath as defined means a person of wide knowledge or learning.  I am not even 35, and I have explored, worked and cherished my journey across 3 major career domains and I continue to walk my quest with more zeal in my heart.

From starting my career as an environmental architect to owning a global e-commerce venture, then moving on to being a  blogger and now a published author.  The journey was definitely a roller-coaster ride with its share of ups and downs, series of failures and moments of triumphs. There are numerous lessons that I have learned on this journey.  This knowledge that I have imbibed is across a spectrum of life and not just restricted within these career domains. While learning various skills, understanding management mantras, the web of relationships and expressing one’s self authentically, seeing money as the lens of perception to gauge one’s success, and how each of these affect the other and govern your thoughts are just a few of the many things that I have learned. The list is practically endless. 

Numerous shifts at my subconscious level have influenced my decision-making ability. But, if there is a single most important thing that I can point at, irrespective of my career choices is this, Life Hack – “ I may not be where I want to be, but I can always choose to grow wherever I am planted”.

Growth is truly a beautiful thing and it starts internally. When you nurture it enough, it will manifest itself into this physical world. It will bloom if you allow it.

I have had my share of turbulent times as well, and there were days when I crawled my way, rested when needed but always intended to move forward, no matter what.

When there was no hope around me, I dug deep within and created hope.

When there were struggles all around me, I once again, dug deep within me to look at my strengths,

When there was fear all around me, I dug deep within and looked for the love that always existed.

My journey has pushed me to look within and I have always found the treasure inside of me.

So, it is time for you to acknowledge that the power that is in you. Instead of wishing that grass was greener on your side, just grow wherever you are planted.

Grow every day, grow with every moment, grow with every breath and cherish the life that you live today and you will make this world a better place. 


So , here is a practical exercise that you can do which will surely set you on your path to shining bright :

Often we do not acknowledge our own achievements. We must remember that, “No matter what the world tells you unless you accept and love yourself, nothing ever will seem enough”.

So, start acknowledging your achievements. See yourself with your own loving eyes and not with the eyes of the world. This is one of the most powerful exercises that I came across and was suggested by Jack Canfield in one of his books. 

So grab a beautiful diary, and a pen and start writing about those times:

When you pushed yourself to do the smallest of the thing when you thought you just can’t.

Every time you believed in yourself, in spite of your fears and took a step forward in that direction.

Every single time you said a yes to yourself in spite of the rejections around you…

Acknowledge yourself today, your strengths, your willpower, your gestures of kindness towards others and towards your own self too.

There is a lot of power when you put these things down on that piece of paper. So, write down 100 achievements of your life, even the smallest of the task that you have achieved and do not stop unless you have done it.

Take that time out today and do it. Remember there is no one who can stop you from growing except yourself. Take charge of your life and grow today!!!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


  1. Amazing article. Empowering sharing. Acknowledge yourself is often forgotten. Wow. You truly hack readers mind and attention. Thank you Dhara for such lovely insights. 🙂

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