Is your universe hostile or friendly? The perception you have about the universe in your mind will give a glimpse into the kind of self-talks you indulge in. When the self-talk is entrenched in prejudices, rigid conditioning and obligatory influences, it becomes noise. Noise hinders your clarity. It is never-ending psychological chaos unless you consciously choose to cease it. When you do not cease this habit of negative self-talk, it manifests in the human body as die-eases. This is well established through various research and studies over some time.

Masaru Emoto–– famous Japanese businessman, author and pseudo-scientist through his experiments displayed that the molecular structure of water was affected by the kind of thoughts it was exposed to. The positive thoughts ensured a perfect crystalline structure of water––when poured on plants, it aided in exceptional growth. But the molecular structure was completely distorted on exposing it to negative words, and when used to water the plants, they died. This fact is well-known in eastern philosophy and its impact on the human body. But, over the years lost its significance.

Every self-talk immensely impacts the human body as the water content is as high as 60%. Many times without your realisation, the mind may slip into a whirlpool of criticism––the noise. When this happens consistently for a while, you stop listening to your inner voice. The inner voice is anchored in truth, untouched by conditioning and biases. It re-aligns you with infinite intelligence. You become more balanced, inclusive a level-headed in your approach with the outside world.

Unless you stop the noise at the inside, you will encounter chaos at the outside. Begin by disconnecting with the outer noise to connect with your inner voice. Disconnect with the outside world– your phones, laptops, or any kind of entertainment and distractions for at least one hour a day. Take a step forward to re-align with your inner voice and save yourself from immeasurable misery.

Stop the noise to listen to your inner voice and let yourself rejoice in every-day experiences of life. 


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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