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Transform negative experiences into empowering perspectives.

Experiences can be negative or positive. The mind categories an experience as negative due to the lack of a deeper perspective about that situation or person. A negative or hurtful experience is due to an unfulfilled expectation. But when you look for a perspective from the other side, it becomes easier to accept and move on. 

Think about an event that occurred in the past that affected you at that time, but today you have moved on. Reflect on what helped you to move on? When you try and look from another perspective, you will know that the story you heard was incomplete, and there was more to it. 

Many times you are busy fighting the past rather than looking to resolve it. A hurtful or a negative experience is because of the gap between your expectation and reality. Once you understand this gap and accept both these aspects, you transform your wounds into wisdom.

Every encounter enriches your living experience. The question is, will you allow it?

A perspective that you hold can either cripple you or empower you. It can either be a guiding step towards your success and fulfilment, or it can hold you in dungeons of misery. Look for an unbiased and balanced view from all sides, and inculcate an inclusive perspective. When you approach events with this attitude, experiences will not control you. You will have a grip on the way you feel and how you hold things in your memory. Unburden yourself by letting go of the perspective that afflict misery.

Make space for greatness and grace in your life as you transform your negative experiences into empowering perspectives. 


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