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This Makkar Sankranti is different !


Makkar Sankranti is commonly known as the festival of flying kites, and is a harvest festival. For me, as a kid, this festival was about holidays, and gathering on the terrace area with family and friends, flying kites, being each other’s cheerleaders and eating the famous ‘Til ladoos’ and ‘Kurmura chikkis’ (Indian delicacy made of sesame seeds, ghee and jaggery, and chikki is made of rice- flakes, ghee and jaggery). The sky used to be filled with kites of all colours and shapes. Everything around was vibrant and joyful. Its been more than 20 years to this memory of celebrating Makkar Sankranti.

Today, I have a very different understating of this festival. Before this, I never realised the depth of this festival but today I see it in a completely different light while the love for ladoos still remains intact.

Makkar Sankranti is a day that marks the transition movement of the sun. It changes its direction by moving northwards towards the Tropic of Cancer, termed as Uttarayan. Astrologically, it also marks the entry of the sun in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. In the Vedic texts, sun is an epitome of wisdom, spiritual light and knowledge. I now see this day as a conscious reminder to step on a journey towards light, embracing oneness with all the creations and celebrating the harvest along with this precious gift called life. While the farmers will sow the seeds for sugarcane crops in certain regions, I choose to sow sweet seeds of compassion, love, kindness, meaningful friendships and relationships. 

I plan to take time out and reflect on those things that need my attention, which I know I have been ignoring. They are like those apps kept opened in the background that drain away the energy on our phone. Time to see and close those running apps of life. Today, I will consciously seek my closures to dissolve the bitterness of disappointments into sweetness of compassion. This Makkar Sankranti, I will hold life in gratitude and oneness.

May this Makkar Sankranti, you all have a fruitful transition, away from delusions towards absolute light. And please do not forget to enjoy some ladoos today. 


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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