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The key to change : Don’t define your happiness. Live it, be it!

Happiness is an inside job. You may have heard this before, but unless you begin to live it, you will still define happiness. One of the ways most people define happiness is by living in the ‘when’ and ‘then’ world. This world looks like this,

When I achieve ‘x’ thing in life, then I will be happy.

When I find the right partner who loves me crazily, then I will be happy.

When my business starts flourishing, then I will be happy

When I become Buddha, then I will surely be happy.

This formula never works. Because when you tie your happiness with your goals, you tie your happiness to definitions and reasons. Happiness is beyond reason. It is a state of mind and is independent of what everyone around feels, thinks or expects. Unless you are happy with yourself, you will project all the unhappiness around you and will find reasons to remain unhappy. 

If there are problems that dishearten you, don’t wait for someone else to provide the answer. You become the solution that you seek. You can contribute with infinite things. You can make a difference with your presence, and ignite the cheer in everyone around, and even inspire them to take responsibility for their actions. Let your liveliness be infectious to create new opportunities. In becoming the answer, you become an unseen possibility. 

But, when you tie happiness to definitions you curb these possibilities  

When you are stuck to the rules and definitions, you miss out on the essence of it.

When you expect it, you ambush it.

Happiness is the spirit of existence. If you define it, you lose it.But if you live it, you become it. You are the ocean of happiness, and may your awareness lead you to it.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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