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Nurture a true sense of well-being.


The true sense of well-being comes from the premise of feeling ‘complete within’. When we do not seek or look for an external thing to help us feel complete, we can say that we have achieved a sense of well-being within ourselves.

Love is often confused with attachment. Whether it is about self – love or loving others, it doesn’t matter. If the premise has its roots in clinging, greed and fear of losing, it is just another derivative of attachment. Attachment breeds all of the above and more.

However, true love is anchored in truth and is one-way traffic. It has no bearings on the outward circumstances. So, even if the events that unfold in one’s life may either be unpleasant or pleasant, true love accepts everything ‘As It Is’.

Until one transcends the duality of the mind and embraces the fact that ‘logic’ and ‘intellect’ are just one of the many aspects of existence and not the only one, one is unable to understand these defilements of the mind that breeds attachment.

There are various unseen, unexplained aspects of one’s existence that govern and drive life. The only way one can touch existence in its completeness is through experience.

So, allow yourself to experience life through various seen and unseen aspects and embrace its wholeness. This is a state of experience where you acknowledge the ultimate truth of who you are and the fact that you are complete just the way you are!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


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