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Embrace Adaptability–doorway to wisdom.

An adaptability is a tool that helps you navigate through uncertainty with ease. It is not a privilege but a necessity in today’s times. The year 2020 was a wake-up call in many ways. Many people struggled to comprehend what was really happening around them. Stress, anxiety and depression were common pain points during the lockdown. But some people sailed through this with commendable composure and calmness. Instead of just locking themselves up in the mansion of fear, they stepped up and provided solutions to better the situation.

So, what does it take to hold your ground when everything seems so unstable and shaky? The answer is adaptability. Adaptability is instrumental in dealing with uncertain times, rapidly changing eras, and walking the untrodden terrains. Here, are 3 skilful ways to nurture adaptability.

1. Do not judge yourself: Judgments are rooted in incomplete perspectives. They are opinions cemented in time, and oblivious to the present. Judgments infuse criticism. Such a mindset blocks your growth, holds you from embracing change and taking the necessary action. So, stop being judgmental.

2. Do not be guilty: Guilt is a slayer of discovery. It tramples you with the burden to always be right. Give yourself space and permission to explore. Know that you may not get everything right in the first go and that it is okay. Allow yourself to pause, reflect and re-route whenever you have to, and this will make you resilient to pursue and embrace adaptability.

3. Prepare yourself: Adaptability is an antidote to uncertainty. But the mind needs to feel safe and secure. It needs to anchor into something powerful to help it remain calm. One of the best things you can anchor in is a holistic practice––a habit like meditation and avoiding activities that cause stress, or fuel aggression. Create a powerful routine around this practice. It could be one hour of meditation, yoga, journaling. Let this practice align your energies, add value to your life and strengthen your inner core. 75% – 90% of the things around you will change and will not be in your control, but 100% of how you feel is in your control. So, focus on preparing yourself.

Adaptability is a doorway to wisdom. Learn to master the waves, and you shall never fear the ocean!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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