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The key to change : Change your lens today!

The lens with which we see our world is made up of memory and imagination. Our thoughts govern the way we look at everything. We have an endless list of how the world should be. And we reject all those possibilities that do not fit our lens of understanding and logic. Life is larger than logic. Accepting the new is challenging as it pushes one out of their comfort. Even when the unknown is enriching, we choose to stick to mediocrity.

Our thoughts define our world. And it is imperative to see which thoughts dominate our minds.

Do we spend more time complaining than doing what is needed?

Do we spend more time in arguments than in mindful discussions?

Do we focus more on what is not done, than what is completed?

This world is anchored in duality and this cannot be denied.

The world always had examples of violence, and at the same time, the world always had examples of compassion.

The world was forever unfair, and the world forever held countless possibilities.


The question is, 

Will you change your world today? Not by changing the many, but by changing just the one. And that one is you.

Will you embrace love amid hate and chaos?

Will you become an inspiration amid despair?

Will you be inclusive even when your intentions are doubted?

Will you be the one to change, so that the world will eventually change?

Will you become the one, the way you would like to see the world, even when you are the only one?

Will you change your world the way you want the world to look like?

It is time to look at how this inner world looks like so that we can change the world outside. I am doing my bit, will you?



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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