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The key to Change : Know your quest today!

The quest is what helps you see the real you. The one that breathes humanity and compassion. But are you aware of your quest?

Do not get swayed away by what others say.

Do not get swayed away by the trends that make you feel and look cool

Do not get swayed away to live the quest of someone else.

Sometimes you just need to stop asking for permission and step into your quest. Sometimes you step into your quest not out of a pursuit for something, but it could be simply because you refuse to stay where your circumstances push you.

Sometimes your quest could be as simple as going back home and being there for your family 100%. Sometimes your quest could be to inspire millions with your work. Choose your quest wisely.

Because sometimes in the quest of experiencing the limitless, we may create boundaries for many.

In the quest of exploring our potential, we may overpower many.

In the quest for feeling fulfilled, we may curb the freedom of many…

Let your quest be for humanity and not against it.

In searching for your quest are you willing to re-invent yourself and ask a lot of right questions? The questions you ask will determine where you go and which direction you choose. So, train yourself to ask the right and powerful questions.

The questions that are empowering.

The questions that call out to the universe loud and clear.

The questions that reach out to the master that resides deep inside your soul.

Become unapologetic for who you are, but not arrogant.

Become bold but, not ruthless.

Become you, become infectious to inspire people around you to be their best.

Re-invent yourself and rise above your uncertainty. Let your quest set you free rather than trap you into worries. 



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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