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The key to change: Are you living accidentally or consciously?

Over lifetimes and centuries, we have progressed immensely. One cannot deny the fact that we as a generation have the most comfortable living conditions. We are enjoying the comforts that no generation before has ever enjoyed. But, are these comforts assisting us to live joyfully or adding to our misery? 

I have questioned many times that where do the sources of all creation lie. All the wise beings have eventually said the same thing and for centuries. The source of all creation is the mind. Each one of us is responsible for all that we experience within. The outside is governed by many factors, but what we feel within, and how we choose to respond is solely our creation.  

Every moment we choose either accidentally or consciously. Most times we are so tied up in our ’shoulds’ of life and the idea of life that we fail to see the other side – the realm of infinite possibilities. We attribute the pleasant experiences of our life as our creation and refuse to take responsibility for the misery that we feel within. This is the ultimate fallacy that we feed further into our minds.

Every thought is seed by itself and every emotion acts like the manure to that seed. It is time to realize that we are responsible for all that we experience. We, human beings have an innate longing to be more, to explore the limitless potential that we have. 

This aspiration is futile if we do not recognize our mind as the source of all creation; the source of happiness or the source of misery.

It is futile if we don’t learn to use our mind as a tool and instead be enslaved by it.

It is futile if we do not train ourselves to live consciously rather than create accidentally.

So let us root ourselves in awareness and experience more moments of conscious living rather than accidental occurrences.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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