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The flow and the Pause

The ‘flow’ is the beauty and the ability to unite within. It is an epitome of profound mastery to experience oneness with every single encounter that comes your way. The purpose of every obstacle that appears on your way is to make you realize your potential. The things that you perceive as obstacles are your allies on your quest to discover the real you. Many a time you get entangled and attached to the apparent nature of the obstacles, rather than perceive its purpose. Every time you overcome these apparent roadblocks you experience that oneness.

The flow encourages you to embrace these apparent obstacles until these melt away in your benevolence.

Sometimes the mind is muddled with thoughts, and you end up being a victim of your imagination, stuck in your web of creation. During such times, courage is not in moving forward, but in being still. Resolution lies in ‘the pause’. To pause and reflect is then not a sign of weakness. It is an opportunity to dive into the realm of wisdom and gain the insight to move forward. And when you hold yourself in this stillness, you gain a clear vision of your path, you gain clarity of your purpose, and you begin to perceive from a higher consciousness. ‘Pause’ becomes a beacon cutting through the indistinctness that exists in your mind, reflecting at the outside.

The ‘pause’ then flushes out these muddled thoughts and experiences that smear the lessons. It awakens the exuberance of existence within you. The nature of such an act is all-inclusive. You don’t see the obstacles and any of its forms as a hindrance on your path. This realization by itself becomes an act of forgiveness for yourself and everyone around you. 

It is in such reflective moments of ‘pause’ that you realize the root of your strengths. You encounter the truth that surrender is a potent force of nature. It is not a weakness. It is a way that reveals to us that weakness thaws in the realm and power of intent. Even weakness when surrenders itself to this power of intent turns into strength. 

Pause is the time to mirror and acknowledge the conflicts that you carry within yourself. It is time to acknowledge the anxiety that cripples your body. Pause is the time to confront the unsettled and the unresolved, and in this embrace, you flow to conquer each one of them. This conquer can only happen when you accept these faults as they are. In complete acceptance, you become the flow once again.

When the conflicts within are conquered the world is conquered. This is the only world that one can ever conquer. The world outside when understood from the realm of Higher consciousness, is nothing but inner worlds of each human being in unison. We are eventually a part of the whole. Each part ensures the whole and this entire whole exists in each part of us.

This is the beauty of the Flow and the Pause. They are not contrary to each other. They are the strengths of each other. One cannot exist without the other. When they come in unison they go to create Magic. For magic is unknown to the eyes, but is rooted in your knowingness. It is a realm beyond logic, with wisdom as its essence. And this knowingness opens up dimensions of unseen possibilities.

So, flow with life without drifting away, and ‘pause’ to encounter your strengths.

It is in the moment of the ‘pause’ that I became the ‘flow’.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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