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Rest, Reflect & Rewire Today!

Everyone around seems to be in some kind of a rush; rush to achieve, rush to be, rush to live. Instant gratification has become a new way of life. We have lost our connection with nature and its absolute wisdom; failing to rejoice in different seasons of life.

We seemed to get overwhelmed with the false pace of life & are overpowered by the induced need to want things to make us feel complete. Consumerism is become the new normal, while simplicity & thoughtfulness a rare things.

Among the outburst of the current pandemic, it is not the viral epidemic that has affected us so much as the epidemic that is consuming us for years now without our acknowledgment of it. Scientifically this epidemic consuming us is known as the ‘infobesity’. This simply means information overload fueling emotions such as anxiety, stress, and feeling of missing out. Research has shown that this often leads to a lack of productivity and confidence, fatigue, memory loss and cause stress-related diseases.

In such a scenario, we must pause. Rest and reduce our unnecessary pace of life, and consumption of things to fill up the void that exists within.

It is time to reflect where we are heading to and why? Reflect on the need to compete with others, fueling one’s greed. Reflect on the ‘know it all’ attitude until an epidemic brings the world to a standstill. And once realizations seep in, rewire.

Rewire into your knowingness and trust into the cosmic intelligence. Stop surfing the waves of infobesity fueled by ignorance & instead dive deep into the ocean of self-awareness. Awareness brings freedom.

So, do not let overwhelm eat you up. Rest, reflect & rewire to discover your rhythm, expand your receptivity and nurture your humility. Let your soul align with the choices that reflect growth, and inclusiveness. Embrace the wisdom of changing seasons and anchor in growth.

Celebrate Growth, Celebrate life.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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