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Uncover the hidden wisdom about isolation…

Isolation need not make you feel lonely. And if it does then, it is time to reflect deeply. I look at isolation as a much-needed distance to gain a better perspective on our life, our actions, and our intent. At times, distance can be the best gift, because when your hand is too close to your face, you cannot see it clearly.

Distance gives you a perspective. So, during times of isolation either we can crib, cry and throw emotional tantrums of fear, hate, selfishness around or take charge of these unhealthy thinking patterns, and decide to turn them around into wisdom.

It is time to turn your wounds into wisdom,

Transcend your fears, and dive into the ocean of calmness,

Convert your anxiety into generosity, and discover the universal connectedness that we share,

And let your suffering become the door to your freedom.

I feel we do not need the riches of the world to survive. Instead, we need a community built on compassion and generosity that helps us thrive. And the ‘us’ includes all our fellow species whom we have conveniently forgotten or used as per our will. Nature is inclusive of us, even when it needs space to breathe and heal. So why can’t we learn and become inclusive of her in our daily living?

It is high time we change our gears from fueling our ego to serving with grace and love. And at all times we can serve with our presence. Spread some kindness, some joy, some calm wherever you are, and the effects will reverberate in the cosmos, healing each and everyone; even those who are at a distance.

Let us use these times of isolation to connect with the cosmos and every heartbeat that makes up this cosmos.

Let social distancing bring us closer like never before!

Let us accelerate our inner growth, respect all beings, and celebrate life together.

A lone survivor loses everything, but together we will always win!

#Celebrategrowth #celebratelife


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


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