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Grow in your aspirations, welcome deeper transformation!

Aspiration is an innate longing to capture the complete essence of life. As humungous and impossible as this may seem, human beings have nurtured this longing across ages, and the seeking to satiate this continues.

For a long time, I have had conflicts within myself about how do I embrace my aspirations? Some questions and opinions have haunted me, leaving me in chaos.

 Does aspiring to have more, make you greedy and selfish? Or can it be an avenue to seek more and give more? 

Is philanthropy a genuine gesture or is it just a means to justify the goodness of accumulated wealth?

 I cannot answer this intellectually. Whatever I share here, is through my experience, and you can choose to disagree.

 #Entangled in such conflicts for years, I often felt guilty for aspiring highly, wanting to experience the riches of the world, even though I really worked my way with tools of hard work and integrity. Maybe because riches are often associated with evil. And in the end, I wished to cluster with the angels. History, too, has never failed to glorify struggle with stories of martyrdom fueling the need to be stuck in one’s victimhood.

Through my awareness, I realized that when I curtail my aspirations, I became more resentful. I was entangled in feelings of guilt and dejection, and thus not tapping into my true potential. Awareness helped me see through these chains of victimhood that held me. Hereon, I began to perceive ‘aspirations’ differently. I decided to take responsibility for the opinions that affected me, imprinted conclusions, and my true feelings. And I found out that aspirations do not necessarily make you greedy but they could lead you on a journey of deeper transformation.

India is blessed with great examples that give a glimpse into such a possibility. One such king in the world history who decided to give up his conquest after winning a war was king Ashoka. He turned to become a messenger of peace and was responsible for the spread of dhamma in various parts of the world.

With this reminder, I choose to look at aspirations as a path that can lead one to a deeper transformation. And I deeply wish that such grace be bestowed on each one who aspires greatly.

Do not curtail your longing and foster resentment, instead grow in your aspirations and welcome deeper transformation.

Celebrate Growth, Celebrate Life!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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    1. Thank you so much Vishal for your kind words. It is always heart-warming to see your messages and that they resonate with you. You inspire generosity in me to write more, share more and become better with each day. Thank you once again!

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