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Don’t restrict in assumptions, grow in possibilities

Every delay is a blessing if you look at it as an opportunity in disguise. As cliched as this may sound, it is true. We keep adding dreams in our bucket list and when there is a delay, we end up concluding that they may never come true.

Time and again I have witnessed that feelings of dejection are nothing but a temporary emotion. And failure is just moments of pause in our life. But in such moments of disappointments, we end up making mental postulates that stop us from reaching out to our dreams and our true potential. Sometimes these mental postulates may end up haunting us for lifetimes till we acknowledge, accept and dissolve them.

As a child, I was drawn to non-academic subjects and exploring the artists’ way of knowing life. At the same time, I was fascinated with the intellectuals as I was born in a family with high academic achievements. I struggled for 22 years of my life to touch the benchmark of high academic achievements only because of my fascination with it.

Over some time, I realized that it is not the grades that define me but the joy in the moments of practice that are instrumental for my growth. With a paradigm shift in mindset, I could let go of the need to prove my excellence. Instead, I begin to see every skill as an arena to nurture my virtues and expand my soul. The consequence of such a shift was I did achieve academic excellence in my final year of architecture. It took me 22 years to realize this. And today I have tasted success not just in one career but across three within three decades of my life.

“We often make permanent assumptions on a temporary emotion”. Everything thing changes so why restrict yourself in these assumptions? Change is the law of nature. And when you commit to growth, you seek possibilities. You tap into the unseen and the unknown and bring out solutions that never existed before.

Life becomes bountiful when you grow. When you embrace the pause in the moments of delay, achievements find their way to you.

Seek growth, let go of the harsh assumptions and become the unseen possibility for yourself and the world around you.

We need a world that seeks possibilities and not a world that restricts in assumptions.

Celebrate Growth, Celebrate Life


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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  1. This is awesome sharing. Thanks Dhara for your unique, thought provoking, meaningful posts which you share through your experiences makes it ultimate and inspiring.

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