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Break-free from the trap of judgments -Life Hack #4

Judgments are a bundle of opinions based on your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’. Deeper the attachments to these ’likes’ and ‘dislikes’, stronger are your judgments about everything and everyone. Judgments fuel illusions creating distance from ‘acceptance’. Acceptance of ‘what it is’ and the ‘way it is’. While acceptance is rooted in reality, judgments flourish in unawareness and expectations.

They flow in from everywhere around you, in every interaction that you have. Since these are just a bundle of opinions, there is no way you can control them. But, you can surely have control over the ones that you throw around.

Do judgments help? Are these necessary? Judgments do not help, and whether they are necessary or not, they are out there. This is a fact that cannot be denied. You cannot run away from them but you can surely be aware of them. Awareness is more powerful than you can think. Unless you start living and experiencing life through awareness, you will not be able to fathom it.

“Judgments prevents us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances” 

– Wayne Dyer

Now that we have managed to see what judgments look like, let us reflect and consider 3 non-negotiable reasons why you should transcend them.

1. Judgments limit your possibilities:  The things that you dislike is similar to a compass that is trying to show you something very significant about yourself. It is a gateway to help you see the ignored part of you. It is like facing your fears. None of us like being fearful. But, once you have confronted them, you know you emerge out as a different person. Even if you have confronted the smallest or the most insignificant fears in you, you experience some dramatic results. So what happened in this case? In confronting what you disliked, you pushed your boundaries farther away. You went past your limitations. You become stronger and wiser. You realized that what lay on the other side was beautiful and was liberating in many ways. In hindsight, you recognized that you have evolved. Your perception broadened and helped you step up into a new realm of possibility.

This was possible because you looked straight into your fears, something that you disliked. If you wouldn’t have faced your aversion, you would have missed out on this new possibility. So, judgments feed on your ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ curbing your possibilities. Transcend them today and create newer, brighter possibilities for you and the world around you.

2. Judgments breed isolation:  I see judgments as illusionary walls that we built around ourselves. These walls are self-creation. And when walls are built it stops everything that comes towards it. So if you think that these walls will bring in security and save you from many problems, these very walls will stop the many solutions that could come your way. Judgments make you feel isolated. Isolation is not solitude. In your isolation, you suffer from many heartaches of loneliness. In your isolation, you keeping reliving the stories that you have experienced. And in doing so you curtail some incredible experiences from coming to you. The experiences that could liberate you, the ones that could help you evolve into a better human being, and even the ones that could help you break this illusion that you are living in. You miss out on the grandeur that life has to offer to you. So, stop being judgmental and become inclusive!

3. Judgments make you bitter, not wiser:  Living in judgments about others and self only make you more miserable from within. When you keep judging others, become resentful about it, it affects you more than the person whom you are judging. Living in judgments is like drinking poison while you think you are offering it to others. When you judge someone for their behaviour or their past or their culture, it is you who are trapped in this web and not them. They may not even be aware of what you have been thinking. They are free in a way, but you have trapped yourself in this misery. This is true even when you judge yourself from the eyes of others. The one who judges is the one who gets trapped in the web of miseries. By being trapped you miss out living in the present, and you miss out on the sweetness of life. You miss the cadence of existence that radiates nothing but joy. Judgments don’t make you wiser they only make you bitter.

Judgments restrict your spectrum of experiences. They are like speed-breakers on your journey of evolution. In transcending the need for being judgmental, you liberate yourself from the colossal baggage of opinions. You drop this burden to break free from this pattern of living. You begin to trust in the power of creation and embark on the responsibility of creating many unseen possibilities. You dance with the cadence of existence, walking towards becoming boundless into the space of ultimate ebullience!



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