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Be in awe and bewilderment each day of your life. Appreciate everything and judge nothing.” – Life Hack #3

Life Hack #3. Let’s create an ocean of kindness today!

Every single moment we imbibe infinite things in ourselves. We imbibe them into our subconscious through our 5 sense doors. This is a never ending process in our life. We perceive all that we have imbibed. And we become what we perceive.

This is just as true as the fact that, ‘thoughts become things’. Thoughts originate from love and compassion. But, we slowly and gradually learn fear. Fear of survival in many ways. This further gets clouded with layers and layers of judgments. This endless vicious circle takes us away from the truth and what eventually haunts us is, how we see ourselves through the eyes of others. This fear of survival overpowers us with the need to be right and accepted by the tribe. In this craving for belongingness, we often fail to see how it has gripped us. It is like being in the middle of the ocean. Sometimes we drift away and some other times we resist the flow. All of this leaving us feel lost and confused.

This is the time most of us fail to see that life has conspired for us and not against us. Life gives us numerous wake-up calls and never gives up on us. 

This universal intelligence wants us to acknowledge the fact that there are no coincidences in life. It is just a medley of synchronicity, what we are receiving is only a mirror of our true feelings. Our thoughts are projected in this material world so that our conscious mind can comprehend it in a better way.

The only way one can understand the above truth is by experiencing it. We are and we will always be the co-creator of our destiny. 

Well, I have often questioned why just be the co-creator? Why don’t we have the power to create completely?

The answer is simple. Our mind is layered with conditioning and is biased. And unless one purifies his or her mind from its various defilements of fear, greed, sadness and their derivatives, it will be dangerous to have this power of complete creation.

When I look back now, I believe the above is true for me. In hindsight, I have numerous incidents wherein it did not go my way, wherein I did not achieve what I wished. It is better this way because those manifestations would have done more harm to me than any good. 

This is the time when we need to be kind to yourself. In this kindness, we start appreciating what life is about. In this kindness, we are in awe and bewilderment of things around us and within us. Slowly we start shifting from being judgmental to being appreciative of what comes our way. And this is how we appreciate others around us.

As Lao Tzu aptly said that, “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates Love.” So, let us take a step closer to being kind and spreading some kindness around. 

Here, comes my Life Hack 3. This one is very simple and yet extremely effective. I wish that you have a lot of fun with this and nurture that seed of kindness which bears the fruit of joy for you and all those around you.

Life Hack #3

Today while you are on your way to work, or spending some time on social media, or where ever you feel, take some time out and appreciate someone.  You can appreciate someone for their work, or compliment them for their smile, or maybe just drop in a message to your long lost friend and say that how much you cherish this friendship and the person that you are. 

It is in these small actions that you create the ripples of kindness and in no time you will see an ocean of kindness around you.

Write down or journal your thoughts on how you have felt by appreciating someone and see that seed of joy thrive in you.

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