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Think mystery, not mastery

When I began my journey as an architect, I was obsessed with achieving mastery and perfection. While such an aspiration pushes you to grow, the journey may end up making you feel miserable. Because when you are obsessed you may not do it lovingly. And this takes all the fun and insights that the journey has in store for you. It often leaves you feeling stressed and loads of self-judgment screaming ‘you are not good enough’. In my opinion, this is an unhealthy way of pointing towards improvement. It is my journey of pursuing entrepreneurship and an author that has made me confront this obsession which I was nurturing for years. 

Over the years exploring the unknown and uncertain terrain of desires and aspirations, I have realized that mystery nudges my soul. It brings in an element of magic. While I feel minuscule in the vastness of infinite possibilities that surrounds me, it amazes me, inspires me and definitely pulls me out of my comfort zone. The mystery leads me to a place that exposes my untapped potential. The consequence is that I set a new benchmark of mastery for myself minus the obsession, making me more cheerful and kind towards imperfections of every kind.

This has nurtured my awareness and help me see the extraordinary in the mundane. I know look at challenges as tweaked opportunities. I perceive bondages as closed doors of freedom waiting to be opened and explored leading me to my knowingness and a deeper dimension of life. From my experience, I recommend that you nurture the dormant artists in you. Embrace the explorer that resides in you and get on the mystical adventure that awaits you.

Tap into your unknown potential and let the vastness reverberate with the gracious forces of the universe. Celebrate this discovery and in this process celebrate your life. Give it a shot. Think mystery, not mastery and you will not just master a skill but learn the art of living life as a whole.

Encourage your sense of mystery and embrace the ongoing, omnipotent celebration called Life! 

Celebrate growth, celebrate life today and each day!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

2 thoughts on “Think mystery, not mastery

  1. Fantastic Dhara. Commendable. Its so real and authentic. Every word and feeling that you have realised through your life experiences is showing up all over your writings. Very very articulate. A high level of awareness only can lead to this. I am touched moved and inspired. Congratulations.
    Keep the good work on. God bless.

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