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The Power of Showing Up!



Many times we are caught up in the madness of being perfect. And this engulfs us in the fear of being judged. The pool of questions leads us to the corridors of self-doubts. And this is enough to give up on what you started. This has happened to me innumerable times. But there have been times when I decided to show up in spite of my imperfections, baring my vulnerabilities, and taking the risk of being ridiculed. The funny part is that in spite of facing many rejections, the mystic rewards came my way. Among the judgments, many unknown and unseen people came my way, encouraging me for showing up with my vulnerabilities. 

I often tell people that I am not as great a writer as I am a courageous author. While I know I have a long way to go and improve my craft of writing. This doesn’t stop me from showing up at my desk and penning down the ideas that choose me. 

I feel one needs to be playful with the randomness that strikes at you. These moments of randomness helped me establish a connection with inspiration. These lead you to your calling. You become the flow that brings you clarity of thoughts, the courage to accept your imperfections and makes you unshakable as you root more in the power of your awareness. 

So, today I urge you to show up at your desk, whatever your heart calls out to, and embrace the growth that is awaiting you. Do not fear criticism. If this helps then know that there is at least one person to encourage you for showing up and that is me. Let your light shine through the dark corridors of self-doubt and judgments and dissolve every obstacle that holds you back from exploring your full potential.

Look into the mirror today and in those eyes see the courageous you over the imperfect you!

Celebrate Growth, Celebrate Life today and every day!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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