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Know the rhythm, ‘When to hold on’ & ‘When to let go’

The wisdom behind when and what to hold on to, and when and what to let go has left me spellbound. How difficult it is to let go of things that do not serve you, the hurtful experiences that keep you trapped, the dejection that affects your self-esteem, and the craving for the perfect moments in your life? Well, it is strange but I have realized that the more I chase and hold on to the pleasant experiences, I have more difficulty in letting go of the hurtful. ‘What you really like, you crave for it. And when you do not get, you resent it.’ This is a vicious circle.

There were years when as a young, naive and angry professional I wanted to take up every battle that surrounded me. I resented the world because I thought it was unfair, unequal, corrupt, and morally incorrect. While my intent was to make this world a better place, I was only turning out to be miserable from within. How could I contribute peace when all I held within me was anger? After all, you can only give what you have. I had to let go of this anger but how?

My intent to be a part of a solution set me on a quest to seek answers. At the crossroads of life, I encountered the mystical phenomena of awareness. While sailing in the storm, I realized that it is the center that holds all the power. It is when the storm within is calm that you become the center for the storm that surrounds you. In holding on to awareness, I learned to appreciate different seasons of life. I began to see the changing seasons of life as a reflection of changing perceptions. The awareness helped me discover new things within the same season, and be witness to the spectacular realm of possibilities even in the harshest times.

When you hold on to your awareness, you expand your knowingness. You experience impermanence. And this allows you to let go of the cravings, expectations, hurt, anger and all other derivatives of fear. Then, what is left is a happy you!

So, loosen yourself from the grip of expectations.

Learn to look at your life through the eyes of changing seasons,

And live the journey where your soul expands and becomes inclusive in every sense.

No matter where you are, growth is the mantra. Grow in your awareness and let go of the unhappiness. 

Celebrate Growth, Celebrate Life today and everyday!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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