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Unleash your creativity now, and here’s why you should

I feel we have stopped seeing our creative side and there is a myth about creativity, ‘that only some of us are creative’. Well, I believe that each one of us is extremely creative, just that most of us have stopped unleashing our creative side. This is probably because of the beliefs that we carry within ourselves. 

 It is time to change our beliefs around failure, winning and creativity. Our astonishing wise self is buried under these layers of unhealthy imprints that we carry within us, stopping us from embracing our own creative side. I guess, it is time to see them and most importantly change them.

1. Is failure a stepping stone for you?: At times I wonder how we perceive our failures. And it is definitely far from seeing failure as a stepping stone to success.

There is so much pressure to succeed and the magnitude of success really does not matter. Right from getting good grades in school, having performance pressure as an artist, and achieving that million dollars turn- over in the business and so on.

It is great to have an aspiration to achieve great heights of success, but in no way, it should become an obsession or synonymous with one’s own identity.

Today, I do see that kids in their school are under great pressure to avoid failures. And I wonder who is responsible for passing down such a mindset to them. It is time we owned up our responsibility in the way we perceive failure and correct it. Why can’t we face failures with grace? Maybe because winning is the only glory that beats the glory of martyrdom. 

 2. It is all about winning: Pondering upon this thought led me to some interesting facts. Maybe this all started somewhere in the Renaissance era, where Gods and mysteries were replaced by more rational and human cultured view of life.

In this book called, ‘The Big Magic’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, she shares some finest examples that reveal how much impact does the thought of failure have on one and how deep this imprint is to hold one from sharing their talents, gifts or exploring their creativity. 

In 1962, when Harper Lee, author of ‘To Kill the Mockingbird’; who wrote nothing for decades was asked how she felt about the possibility of ever writing another book, she replied, “I am scared. When you are at the top, there is only one way to go.’

In my opinion, it is extremely dangerous to think this way because somewhere subconsciously what you are telling yourself is this, “If you cannot win, then you must not play” And winning somewhere does not have the pursuit of what you love. 

So, it is time to re-wire such a thinking. I believe creativity is a way of expression that is way beyond success, failure, comparison or competition. Creativity brings you closer to yourself, it gives you to an opportunity to dive deep within and explore your strengths and embrace your shadow self as well. It is a fire that ignites compassion and appreciation for all. 

As Dalai Lama right said, “The planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, storytellers, and lovers of all kinds”.

3. The unseen power of creativity:  You wouldn’t do justice to your own creativity if the premise is only to measure it from a limited scale of success and failure, acceptance or rejection by the world. Creativity needs nourishment to flourish and the only way you can nourish it is by allowing it. Then, work on it with lots of love and care and not just from the window of criticism or judgments.

Having said this, I no way mean that you shouldn’t look at the flaws that it has. All I wish that let the criticism be not harsh to you. Let it just be another factor to assist your growth rather than pressurise you and fear you to never move forward. Let this not freeze you instead, let it free you.

So, do not get caught up in this web of fear and peer pressure, you must trust your inspiration and your creativity. You must do justice to your creativity by allowing it and it will surely take you to a place within you that is happy, wise and astonishing. 

“Creativity is also a gift to the creator, and not just to the audience”.

Free yourself from the fear that is holding you back, embrace your creative side and unleash the magnificent you today!

Let your gifts be cherished by you and by others… 

I will be happy to know if you shared with me kind of the creativity you love and would like to explore.


Photo credit : Art by Lønfeldt 


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

5 thoughts on “Unleash your creativity now, and here’s why you should

  1. I’m big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert and happy that you mentioned her. Right now, I’m teaching myself how to draw cartoons( me, who could never draw a straight line as a kid). This is one of side of creativity I’d like to explore, besides writing. Your post is great. 🙂

    1. Hey Jheelam, Thank you for sharing your thoughts here. I am extremely glad to know that you are teaching yourself how to draw cartoons. I wish you all the fun as you explore and encounter the wisdom that your creativity brings to you!!! 🙂

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