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Are You That Missing Piece of the Puzzle?

To live with awareness brings numerous gifts. I recently experienced one such insight. The realizations can come from the most random thing that you read or what may seem to be a causal activity. This could even be some mundane work of everyday life. Living life with awareness replaces mundane with magnificence. 

Recently I read about an interesting incident shared by Debbie Ford. And this got me thinking. It was an activity done at a kindergarten. There were about 15 children in the class. As every child entered their class, they were handed over a puzzle piece. Each puzzle piece had a number written behind it. And there were 15 such pieces. Once all the children settled down in their class, the teacher stood there with a huge piece of cardboard in her hand. There were 14 of them in the class that day. Slowly she started calling out the numbers from 1 to 15. With every call out, whichever child had the piece of  the puzzle, with that particular number showed up in front of the class. They had to then place his/ her puzzle piece on the board. Slowly and steadily as each child went forward and put their puzzle piece on the cardboard, a beautiful picture started to unfold. 

A very vibrant, colourful picture. But one of the puzzle pieces was missing as one of the children was absent that day. And the picture remained incomplete for that day. This left a weird empty space in that picture.

On reading this, I thought to myself, that each puzzle piece was different in its shape, size, colour. Each child who carried their puzzle piece was different from the other. None of them were the same. However, each was incomplete without the other. 

This made me ask myself, “Am I that missing piece of the puzzle?’ I am too shy about the way I am and I don’t look similar to anyone around me. I seem to have different choices than the most conventional choices made by people around me. The stories that I share are different from those around me. And because  I feel different about myself, a misfit, am I not showing up enough?

However, different or weird I may be, this made me realize I am needed to show up as who I am, the limitless me, the vastness within me, the light from me that needs to shine so that, one more piece is added to complete this beautiful world of peace and love.

Are you stuck to show up as your authentic self because you feel you are different? Are you sabotaging yourself for reasons that don’t seem to be acceptable to people around? Are you waiting for the answers outside?

If yes, then don’t wait for the answers because the answer is You! You are needed to show up and shine the way you are and complete that vibrant, beautiful, colourful picture of ‘Winnie the Pooh’ that was left incomplete in the school the other day. It is no one else but the ‘Unique You’ !!!



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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  1. Article made me think . I always thought that i am unique n lived d way i am but today I realize about the picture which is incomplete without me , thanks .

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