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Master your fundamentals

The fundamentals of living a fulfilled life lies in exploring your true potential. 

It is a version of you that does not fear and anchors in larger possibilities buried in every situation.

A version of you that remains unshakeable by the vicissitudes of life. 

A version of you that is exuberating with joy and compassion at all times. 

While this feels to be an ideal scenario and a long journey, every step towards such a scenario is worth it. 


So, what are these fundamentals that help you become a powerful version of yourself? 

The fundamentals include mastering the virtues of concentration, connection and compassion. By being conscious about fostering these 3C’s, every step will be a step towards progress and a milestone in itself. Let us briefly look at each one of them. 


Concentration of the mind: It strengthens your awareness. Deep awareness holds the power to penetrate the layers of conditioning, the unsound stories obscuring the truth and begins to untie the knot of entanglements. 


Connection: The universal womb of creation connects all of us. Randomness is a myth believed by an aware mind. When you begin to see how everything is intertwined, you start seeing the blind-side of success. This fosters an open-mind allowing new opportunities into your life and a heart that is inclusive of everyone. The models of hierarchy start losing their grip on you. You start seeing this world as a place to thrive. You move beyond the mindset of survival and step into the realm of immense growth. 


Compassion: This is the most powerful force of nature. Compassion is not a virtue; it is a dimension that is all encompassing. A dimension where you experience that the infinite and the infinity is you. It binds you with every aspect of existence but does not tangle you with anyone. It takes you deeper into your reservoir of strength to experience the ultimate freedom. 

And how do you master these fundamentals?

You master it by picking up a task and giving it your 100% where your intentions, thoughts and actions are in complete alignment with each other. 

You master it by reaching complete awareness about your mind and body in relation with your goal. You reach a state of relaxed alertness and effortless vigilance – Zanshin, as it is referred to in Japanese martial arts. It is in this state that your mind is so fixated on the task at hand that the focus and intention becomes a force that drives the task to its results. 


Japanese archery master Awa Kenzo says, “The way to goal is not to be measured! Of what importance are weeks, months, years?”

The opportunity to master lies in every moment, the fulfilment of achieving your goal is in every step. So, ask yourself, are you mastering this moment by being 100% present?

Is your wayward anchored in the ‘Now’?

Are you obsessed with results or are you completely invested and aligned in the process?

Every moment is the moment of conscious beginnings. May you learn to master these fundamentals and realise your true potential.


Write to me about your aspirations

Write to me about your struggles with being 100% present in the now.

Write to me about your triumphs. 

I sincerely hope that you encounter Zanshin in your experience. 

Know that I am cheering for you as you walk the path to master your fundamentals of existence. 

We are powerful when we grow together. 

Come join me in this wave of growth and success!



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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