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Setbacks to Seeking

Simplify your setbacks and turn them into seeking. Setbacks are a part of everyone’s journey. The two things that shall differ are the nature of these setbacks and your response towards them. Often setbacks trigger a spectrum of unresolved emotions and thought patterns but if you learn to simplify them, you will discover the hidden treasures in those setbacks. 

My journey with setbacks and detours was painful while I was going through it. However, in my moments of reflection I could unravel the gifts they withheld. In hindsight, it will be safe to say that it enriched me in many unconventional ways. 

Let me share my hidden treasures that I discovered during my setbacks. 


  1. Relationship setbacks taught me to trust myself:

It is easy to fantasise about an idealistic world when everything around you is effortless and peaceful. But it often rattles you when a wave of change takes you by surprise. 

When I decided to embark on a completely different career path, my friends and cheerleaders chose to remain distant. It was a setback for me to accept their decision and their viewpoint. I expected them to stand by me and reinforce my courage but they chose to think that I was wasting my life. Was it painful? Yes. But I chose to deal with my pain. I realised that I cannot force anyone to think or feel a certain way. And at the same time their viewpoints need not define me. This phase taught me to respect their opinion while I stood up for my decision. I went ahead and pursued a different career. 

Hidden treasure: There is a realm beyond right and wrong, and a space where dualities can co-exists. I learnt I can never honour others’ choices by dishonouring mine. 


  1. Career Setbacks taught me to foster a beginner’s mindset:

I have worked across 5 different industries out of conscious seeking. Every transition felt like a setback. Because it was like starting from scratch. Was it painful? Yes. I kept thinking I was not growing enough as per conventional standards defined by the industries. But what comes with conscious seeking is a strength of enhanced perception. Every transition showed me my risk appetite, my ability to be courageous and become an unwitnessed possibility. I was able to dive into my inner knowingness which helped me sail through this delicate phase of transition. I could embrace my setbacks with grace.

Hidden treasure:  I realised my journey of conscious seeking is incredibly powerful. Conscious seeking leads to conscious beginnings. It helps to foster a beginner’s mindset – Shoshin as referred to in the Zen tradition. This is the place of new possibilities. You are constantly and at all times surrounded by possibilities even in your setbacks. This setback enabled me to develop an eye to look for solutions even in the most chaotic situations.  


  1. Spiritual setback taught me to the power of silence and equanimity:

Engulfed by anger and disappointments constantly thinking, “Am I good enough?” is a summary of my spiritual setback. Self-doubt was a constant companion strengthening my moments of misery. Even moments of great success were not strong enough to combat the moments of miseries held by self-doubt. On recognising them, I decided to own up my thoughts, emotions and dive deeper to understand the mechanics of the human mind . This was the beginning of my spiritual quest. 

Hidden treasure: I discovered a whole new realm of esoteric sciences. This only enabled me to embrace various spiritual practices. Today, they have become my foundation to explore various aspects of life with zeal, embrace change with ease and accept reality with equanimity. I still encounter my moments of misery but I know that this too shall pass. The power of equanimity keeps me grounded. I no longer want to combat them but hold them gently as I see them dissolve. 

I sincerely wish that your setbacks serve you and you find your hidden treasures. 


Write to me about your setbacks and your learnings.

Write to me if you are seeking a solution to a certain challenge in your life.

Write to me about your hidden treasures that you have embraced. 


Know that I am cheering for you as you become the possibility you are seeking!

We are powerful when we grow together. 

Come join me in this wave of growth and success!



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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