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3 most powerful reasons for you to magnify your excellence

Hey, did you ever think of destruction as beautiful? Well, it is time to look at destruction differently, if you wish to magnify your excellence. 

So, why would you want to want to magnify your excellence? I am going to share with you 3 powerful reasons that push me every single day to be better, to do the self-work, grow and be at my best. There is no benefit in playing small when life is such magnificent phenomena by itself.

Every time I came across an inspiring story, I wondered what does it take to be an inspiration. One fine day, while taking a walk in the park, the answer just dawned on to me. It is simple, ‘it takes You to be that next inspiring story’. When you be your authentic self, embrace your imperfections, acknowledge your vulnerabilities, and still be determined to show up every single day, you become that next inspiration. When you push and breakthrough your limits, you become an inspiration for others. So, why not magnify this excellence that is all inspired in you.

1. Begin with beautiful destruction: I believe, excellence is a consequence of beautiful destruction. When you let go of all the unwanted within you, eventually what is left behind is the true, powerful you, the compassionate you, all-encompassing you.  You are the sculptor and all you need to do is chip away the unwanted and carve out your excellence. Every moment when you are equanimous to anger, greed, hatred that erupts within you, you splinter away a part of it from you. And you participate in what I call as ‘beautiful destruction’ and then, what remains is the compassionate, happy you.

2. Open your door to freedom: When you magnify and live your spectacular self, you give hope and begin your journey towards freedom; freedom from your fears, doubts and all that holds you back to live small. Your journey to freedom is not just defined by your achievements but by how much you have grown from where you began.

3.You make this world a better place: This world needs a story that will uplift its burdens. When you dissolve yours, you contribute to the soul of the world and help universe lift some burden off the cosmos. You may be insignificant when you see yourself from the realm of physical manifestation, but your energetic self-has the potential to create a bend in the universe. This bend that is full of love, benevolence, and kindness.

To magnify your excellence you need to walk through this whirlpool of emotions and while you may lose some battle, you eventually go on to win the war. Every single time you embrace your moment of vulnerability and take a step forward, you overcome what overpowered you once. So, be that story that the world needs to hear. And more importantly, ’Be YOU’.  When you convince yourself, you don’t have the need in you to convince someone else. 

Your authenticity reflects in your integrity and your integrity is the most powerful speech you can give to those who question you. So, be your cheerleader and show up as who you are.  Allow yourself to expand your awareness and magnify your excellence today !!!


(Photo credit :  Adam Walker )


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


  1. Sometimes i wonder how univers sent answers to me. This time this article helped me to be better version of mine. Very beautifully concept of distruction have been placed here.thank again

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