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3 signs that it is time to follow your heart – Life Hack #1

I believe there is a seed of greatness in each one of us. As Wayne Dyer aptly said, “Every seed has ‘treeness’ within itself.”

The question is, ‘Are you connected with the ‘treeness’ within you?’

The ‘treeness’ signifies growing, contributing, serving, with all that you have; with all that you are.

At times do you feel something within is nudging at you? Maybe an action that would connect you with your magnificence within. Does this make you think about your next step in life? This is a sign where the universe pushing you to look within. The wisdom of the universes connects with yours to bring out the best version of yourself.

So, look out for these signs which are probably signals from the universe calling you out, to live your authentic self, and serve with who you are.

    1. Ideas haunt you: Firstly, is your mind swamped with ideas? And when you ignore them, they actually haunt you in any and every possible way. They will catch you while you are having a nice relaxing shower, or you see some keywords of your idea flashing across street billboards. And when you are done ignoring all of them, brushing them away as mere coincidences, then, you end up bumping into a friend who talks to you about a similar thing. This may freak you out and the list goes on. The more you ignore, the freakier they get in chasing you. The idea chases you everywhere you go. I have dodged them most of the times, till one fine day I decided to pay heed to them. I was lucky they never gave up on me.So, is there something nudging at you? Do you feel inspired when you think about an idea? You surely need to look at it. You may not have a clear path laid out for you, but you surely have the first step designed for you and that is enough. The journey of miles begins with one step at a time. And trust me, that is all you need. It will eventually lead you to your purpose in life. So, time to say YES to that idea that is presenting itself to you. 
    1. That Mysterious feeling: Everything in your life is going fine, but there is a mysterious feeling in your heart. As if something is amiss in your life. You feel its presence but can’t put a finger to it. The more you think about it, the more mysterious it gets. So what is this mysterious feeling? It is nothing but a part of you, seeking for an avenue to express itself. It could be either through writing, painting, dancing, designing or any other art form. It is a creative expression of yourself. You seem to have a natural inclination towards it. It brings forth your innate knowledge. This wise part of you reveals itself, once you take that plunge and start walking your path. The wisdom within you that awaits an expression through you, something that the world needs today, a revolution that sets the world to be a better place. So, allow that mysterious feeling to unfold itself and take that plunge, it is your wise self-revealing itself.
    1. Synchronicities embrace you: Synchronicity, as defined, is a phenomenon, where an event in the outside world coincides meaningfully with a psychological state of your mind. When you embrace the idea that was chasing you, it now brings you resources to help manifest it in this world. These signs when they show up may look random and there is no way one can predict the way in which they show up. I have experienced this numerous times. When this idea of writing a book first caught my attention, and I embraced it, I received an email from a renowned author conducting a workshop on ‘How to write a book’ and a week later I was attending it. When I was skeptical of where do I start my journey of writing, I received a call from a friend saying, “Hey, I don’t know why but I feel I like telling you that, you can be a good writer, your ideas inspire me. Why don’t you start up with your blog and if you need any kind of assistance to set up your website, I will be more than happy to help”. And many such events kept manifesting itself at every single step. It was as if the universe was shouting out to me and saying, “Hey girl, just keep walking without any excuses and we will manifest all that you need to bring your idea to this world.”

So, if you are experiencing any of these or all of these, it is my humble request that you pay attention to these ideas. The inspiration is within you and calling you to allow it. The idea in all its capacity is trying to reach you to bring out the best version of you. When you allow these ideas to manifest through you, they will help you break free from the limitations that hold you back, and assist you in experiencing ‘the Limitless You’. Allow it today, do it now.

Life Hack:

I would like to share a life hack with you that I applied during this phase when I was doing these wonderful ideas that chased me. Honestly, I still do ignore them but I am much better at allowing them than before. 

This Life Hacks can help you calm down that critical voice inside of you. The voice that has a negative bias. This hack will encourage you to appreciate yourself and the gifts and the talents that you discover about yourself. These wonderful raining ideas usually go unnoticed under the umbrella of self-criticism. 

Life Hack #1

 Every night before you go to sleep, spend few minutes and journal out 3 best things about yourself. These things could be very simple. Something like, the cup of coffee that refreshed you, you showing up at work even when you didn’t feel like, or comforting a friend that made her/ his day.  It could be anything that made you acknowledge your strength or just made you feel happy.

Hope this life hack helps you and remember the key is to do it consistently. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss it. Just keep walking. And begin again. Be compassionate to yourself as you walk this path of uncertainty. 


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I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


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