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Success is You v/s Yourself

Success as per definition means, achieving one’s aim, favourable results to the efforts, triumph etc. However, success for me is an experience. It is YOU v/s YOURSELF at any given point of time. It is irrespective of the journey or the path taken. This journey is unique for each one. 

For me, it is not just about achievements in life, but more importantly, realizing one’s true potential. It is making that shift from limiting one’s self to being limitless. It is about experiencing that moment where you realize how powerful you are from within no matter what appears on the outside.

True success brings power. Power is synonymous with supremacy. This supremacy is reflected in the intent that you carry. Such an intent is rooted in service and believes in reaching out to people and touching their hearts with humility. This intent to serve comes with a sense of responsibility, accountability, and persistence to keep walking the path. 

The success that flowers from such an intent do not compete with others. There is no trace of resentment or jealousy within. The success of this nature breeds contentment and commitment to become better every single day. It fosters commitment that does not look for rewards outside. The only reward that strengthens this commitment is becoming better from moment to moment.

Success for me is going through all these emotions during the journey and keeping up the courage to move on. The journey of such an experience may start with picking up a goal and then walking the path to achieving it. 

I believe the beauty lies in discovering not just the strengths but even the vulnerabilities in one’s own self.  It is about reaching an equilibrium where you see challenges and achievements through the same lens of appreciation. It is about discovering the beauty even during the darkest night.

 There is craving for achievements and aversion towards failure. But success for me is when this battle between You v/s Yourself is fought with equanimity.  The sun rises to spread its light and at the dawn, it welcomes the night. It includes both the light and the darkness, as both shall pass and both shall arise again. 

The only way to reach such an experience is to start walking your path and welcome every experience on your way. The failures, the vulnerabilities, the fears, and your strengths will lead you to the being that you have aspired to be. And when you walk with surrender, you experience that which is beyond your imagination; something more magnificent, something that is larger than life.

Each day when you put your best foot forward, you become a warrior whose passion knows no boundaries, inspires each one on its way and becomes compassionate even to those who stand against you. Such is the power that lies in this battle of You v/s Yourself.

Let your battle be an inspiration for others to look within, and let your success be an insight for the warriors to fight a good fight. A fight that leads them to freedom not just at the outside, but freedom from within. The freedom that helps them to break through their fears and helps them to evolve as a wise, compassionate being.

I believe that such a seed of success lies in each one of us. All we need to do is nurture it.

 The ultimate SUCCESS lies in YOU  v/s YOURSELF, embrace it today!!!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


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