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The Key to Change : Be Brave, not perfect.

There is nothing called a perfect life. But there are perfect moments. Perfect moments are those when you are brave. Perfect for me is not about looking flawless. Instead, it is about carrying my scars just as they are.

Perfect is not about doing everything that people expect of me. Instead, it is about accepting all that I don’t know.

Perfect is not about suppressing my emotions and opinions because I need to fit in. Instead, it is about disagreeing gracefully and expressing it.

In short, perfect is about being brave. 

Being brave is accepting your vulnerabilities.

Being brave is not pretending to know it all and breeding ignorance.

Being brave is about learning from everyone and anyone.

Being brave is shedding the old and evolving into the new.

When you are brave conflicts dissolve and duality ceases to exists. Today, I urge you to accept yourself the way you are and know that you can grow wherever you are planted. Everything in your world can be mended. Every scar can be healed and know that every wound carries the seeds of wisdom in it. Don’t let your wounds make you bitter, let them make you wiser. 

If you are in pain, seek help. Call up your friend and speak up all that you feel. And if you are that friend, who receives that call, support the one who chooses you to share their heart. Don’t judge, just accept. Allow yourself to heal. Remember life is for you and not against you.

Be brave, not perfect and turn your wounds into wisdom. You are the key to change that you are looking for.



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.


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