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The key to Change : Be that Light today!

We are a bag of memories. Every memory influences in infinite ways. But when you are conscious about this fact, you begin to respond than react. Most times your actions are consequences of a certain reaction. It takes some amount of stillness to see through this and switch over to responding. The response comes from a premise that is not prejudiced. It is rooted in wisdom.

Someone beautifully said that ‘Sometimes the smallest things take up the biggest room in your heart’. So let your heart hold memories that breathe love rather than resentment. Let the memories breathe care than disregard. And let the rooms be of gratitude rather than remorse.

Expand your heart and accept every part of you. Each of us has a shadow self. 

The ignorant self. 

The self that is obsessed and not inclusive. 

The self that refuses to see the other side

 When you accept your shadow self you take back your power from them. Let go of the disappointments that hold you in your past.

It is time to stop beating yourself up from the incompleteness that you feel.

Stop feeling guilty for not feeling enough. 

Stop thinking of the things that have broken you. 

Instead, expand your heart and let everything in. Even your shadow self is awaiting to embrace the light. Do not seek this light outside. Know that you are the Light. Be that light today. 

You are the joy that can brighten up the world. Do not underestimate your Light. Be that Light today!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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