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The ket to change: Fear, Feel, Forgive

Bring yourself out from the mansions of fear

In recent times, even in the most generic interactions with people, I felt fear as the most prominent emotion. This fear often expresses itself in many different avenues. The fear of authority, the fear of being betrayed, the fear of losing everything, the fear of death, the fear of being misunderstood, the fear of failing, the fear of disappointing people, and the list is endless. I too, have my demons to deal with. But we must take responsibility for how we feel.

We are all responsible for the fear that we feel. There is no point in blaming others, or events that make us fearful. Just as people and things cannot make us truly happy, so is the same for fear.

When you feel the fear, don’t pour it out and fuel more of it. Instead over come in within yourself. When you overcome your fears, your heart expands and you bring in forgiveness.

You begin to forgive yourself for your mistakes, and disappointments,

You begin to forgive others who have hurt and betrayed you,

You begin to forgive the histories that you lived and witnessed,

You begin to forgive the rulers who overpowered you.

In forgiving you empower yourself and those who were a part of you. 

Forgiving is a strength that brings forth many unseen perspectives.

Forgiving makes you inclusive.

It does not signify lack of action, but action taken from the premise of compassion. 

You cannot explain your forgiveness and justify your intentions, you can only feel them through a dimesnsion that exists well beyond the walls of logical mind.

It is time  we shatter the boundaries within us that hold us back in our self built mansions of fear. It is time we see possibilities in others as we see in ourself. 

Feel more, Forgive more, Love more… Nothing else will matter other than the qualities and virtues that you nurture!!!

May you be courageous enough to take this responsibility, and free yourself from the mansions of fear that you have built!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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