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The key to change : Break-free from your stories today!

Unpleasant and unfortunate things happen to everyone. it is part of life. The event can be hurtful and no one can deny it. But what makes it traumatic is when you endlessly repeat that story in your mind. By visiting the event multiple times in your mind feeds fear. Even when things are not happening, the stories in your mind keep you trapped. You disconnect from the reality and start carrying your resentment with you and start justifying them. The more you justify them, you project them on others and invite more of it in your life.

It is time to stop justifying your resentments. 

Stop justifying why you were cheated.

Stop justifying the relationship that failed.

Stop justifying that you were right.

Stop justifying why and how you are not good enough.

Stop justifying your victim-hood.

Know that justifying resentment is only harming you. Stop looking for others to rescue you. Get up and rescue your self. Because all you need to rescue yourself from are the disempowering stories in your mind. You see the world the way you see yourself. Life is precious and know that it will provide you with all that you seek. Seek help if you need to. Allow change and you will conquer your fears.

The key to change is to stop justifying your resentments and stepping out of your story. You can do it because life is for you and not against you.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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