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Change your gears from believing to seeking.

Over the years through a series of my personal experiences I have realized that belief is powerful, but a dangerous tool. It is a double-edged sword because whatever you believe takes shape in reality. You may hold on to some healthy beliefs and this will surely bring you pleasant experiences in life. But this does not necessarily help you see and eradicate the unhealthy beliefs that could be rooted in your memory extending beyond this realm of time and space.

The roots of your awareness are generally shallow than the depth of your experiences that influence and shape your belief systems. It is ‘seeking’ that takes you deeper than your experiences to encounter all that is stored across lifetimes.

Rumi beautifully said, “What you are seeking, is also seeking you.” This means while you are searching your answers, these answers are also making their way towards you.

In the darker moments of life, believing helps you see through the harshest seasons, but seeking enables you to respond to the darkness by being the light that you are.

Seeking helps you walk on the bridge of wisdom extending beyond time, space and lifetimes, through the minds and hearts of the enlightened souls, connecting you with the ocean of brilliance and compassion that you hold within.

Seeking enables you to understand the truth of impermanence and adapt to the changing seasons gracefully. And this inevitability results in growth.

Every time you grow, you touch the realm of boundless in you. So, change your gears from believing to seeking today.

Keep seeking, changing and growing.

Celebrate growth, Celebrate Life today and every day!



I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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