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Heal your perception, and become limitless!

Perception is the lens through which you see the world. And hence, for some, the world is a brighter and loving place, while some others feel it be unjust and unfair. In either case, it is an incomplete perception. Both exist together and each scenario is a fact that cannot be denied.

Similarly, many see the world as, ‘those who need help’ and ‘those who offer help’. The moment you divide the world in your perception, you invite resistance. This resistance curbs your capacity to accept, and it nurtures the bias you have rather than heal it. 

You then either want to feel superior by helping or wallow away in victimhood and wait for the help. The fact is you are not one of these, but both of these. The moment you attach judgment to receiving help, you consciously or subconsciously are judging even when you offer help. 

I have sailed through these worlds to realize that your behaviour does not define who you are. Because behaviour is subject to many factors that govern your life. It would be impossible to list down these factors. Some things trigger fear and anger, and then some situations bring forth feelings of shame and worthlessness.

To overcome these triggers when they leave you imbalanced, you need to nurture certain traits and qualities in you. This will help you distinguish the truth that you are not what you do, not the way you behave, nor what you feel. You are beyond what you know you are.

Courage, compassion, and connection are powerful traits that will uplift your soul.

Courage to be who you are and express yourself and allow others to do so non-judgmentally.

Compassion to realize that perfection is a myth and growth lies at the edge of every fall and at the beginning of every achievement.

And, connection with your innate self and knowingness, where there are no boundaries that judge, condemn or discriminate against others. The world is in you.

To foster these traits, anchor in growth. When you root yourself in growth in every moment, you walk the path of least resistance and begin to experience life in its completeness.

When you heal yourself, you enhance your perception and grow immensely to become limitless.

Celebrate growth, Celebrate Life!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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  1. Amazing Dhara. How beautifully you write and matter you convey is really worth every word. Its a Treat for readers like me and that too every day 🙂

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