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When in pain, be compassionate to yourself – Pause and Breathe!

Some events in life show us our wounds, and at times they may even deepen them. During such hours of despair, it is easy to be vulnerable, angry and blames others around us. 

The mind is gripped with the emotions of why is this happening to me? And then, the trail of such thoughts seems never-ending.

I have been there and seen it many a time. This is for real and can’t be ignored as it happens in our memory and it shows up on our body. Sensations may convey this truth sometimes at the subtler level, most other times at a gross level. But it takes an aware mind to notice this. When we do not pay enough attention to this truth inside our body, sickness shows up in our life. Sickness is nothing more than the accumulation of these unhealthy, unresolved emotions looking for an outlet. The body is demanding attention for us to see all that we have brushed under the carpet for so long. 

At such times, Pause & Breathe. Bring your focus on your breath and know that these emotions are for real. But the fact is that you have the power to put an end to tricks of your monkey mind. 

You have the power to rescue yourself from the grip of these unhealthy emotions.

You have the courage to free yourself from the suffering you have imposed on yourself.

And you have the grace to see it ‘as it is’ and allow it to pass with equanimity.

Because it is all changing every single moment. 

Memories trap you in time. This keeps recreating the cycle of suffering. You suffer even that which has not happened to you.  

So, when you encounter pain, pause & breathe. Release your anger, guilt and be compassionate towards yourself for the journey you have walked so far. Love yourself for the challenges you have taken. Believe in yourself to know the power of surrender. And breathe in the present moment.

It is never the pain itself but the thoughts about it that cause suffering. So, pause, breathe and let go. Live joyfully in the now. 

Acknowledge with gratitude all the forces of nature that assist you and bring you the grace to walk your path and heal your wounds. Pause & Breathe to dissolve your pain and joyfully embrace the flow of life.


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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  1. Very profound message Dhara. Pain is inevitable but suffering is a Choice. One can’t get hurt unless you allow someone to hurt you. You always make it beautiful with empowering words like Compassion, Gratitude, Surrender.. makes the day for people. Thank you:)

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