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When you feel alone – Pause and Breathe !

There are times when we start our journey with enthusiasm, where the passion drives us to foresee the destination, even though miles away, as within our reach. However, along our way, there are ups and downs, passion turns into emotional turmoil and we may find ourself alone on this journey. 

Tears may roll down, the nights may seem endless, but in times like these lies an unseen opportunity to discover your strength within.

The strength that shows the light within you, the strength that brings you wisdom, and the strength that fuels the courage and encourages you to keep walking your path.

Today, if you feel, your journey looks tough, all you need to do is embrace the silence within you and dive deep within. Pause and Breathe. 

Bring yourself to the present. Take the strength by anchoring in truth. Acknowledge that you are standing at a powerful gateway called the Present – Present is the gateway that has the power to resolve the past and help you rewrite your future.

So, breathe and know the present. Bring yourself back to your breath, every single time you get overwhelmed with emotions, or when fear grips you, or when anxiety seems real. Just breathe. 

Recognize the moment and know that nothing lasts for eternity. Everything is changing constantly. Eventually, it all has to pass.

And when it passes away, breathe once again and wake up to equanimity and the balance of mind that was probably lost, bring it back and know that you have the power within you to conquer yourself.  That is all that you need to conquer. 

When you conquer the world within, the world outside reciprocates accordingly. 

Acknowledge your today with gratitude and appreciate the moments that you were able to remain in ‘the present’. Be present in the now and reclaim your power!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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