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When self-doubt engulfs you, Pause and Breathe

For a very long time, I believed that having self-doubt was not a good thing to have. And in this belief, I spend a tremendous amount of energy fighting it.  At times I was ignorant of its existence in my space. 

However, today I look at self-doubt with a very different perspective. There is nothing right or wrong about having a self-doubt.  It is what it is.  But most of the times it is the emotions and the charge around ‘self-doubt’ as a concept is what makes it more complicated.

When you believe in something and wish to carry it out, and self -doubt crops up, it is just a pause in your way. It is for you to see closely something within you that you may be missing out on, and may be it is critical for you to consider that perspective then. It is just a pause for you to evaluate your intentions and the emotions that surround it.

But this may get overwhelming. Every single day we are bombarded with so many new things, and life seems to be moving at a jet speed. We are trying to keep pace and cope up with everything around us. And amidst all of this, even the thought to pause could intimidate you.

At such times, if you show up the courage to pause and breathe, you open a new dimension for yourself. This dimension disconnects you from all the unhealthy emotions that you carried about yourself and brings you right into the present moment.

Your breath helps you observe through your own madness and see the tricks of your own monkey mind. The mind that endlessly creates stories of despair and triumphs. Most of the times, these do not even exist in your space.

Every time you choose to pause and breathe, you reach closer to taming this monkey mind. And self-doubt now becomes a gateway to access the wisdom. The wisdom that was always within you. The only thing you ever required was equanimity to recognize it.

So, pause and breathe today, when self-doubt engulfs you. Don’t get crippled by your self-doubts, instead make it a gateway to grow and access your wisdom!!!


I am a quester, constantly seeking and exploring life in many ways; passionate about various art forms and understanding the mysteries of mind.

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